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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Year 8 EDU Transition to Sandringham in September 2017

1) Will my child have to share same Head of Year?

No-there will be two Heads of Year on each site to support each group of Year 8 students.

2) Why was EDU chosen?

We chose a random cluster group but ensure that it was an established teaching cluster so students would retain some continuity.

3) Will my child be taught with other year groups?

No-year 8 students will remain a year group throughout the year.

4)  Will they have to move back to Longbridge again in September 2018?

No. This cluster of students will remain at Sandringham campus until the end of year 11.

Generic Expansion Questions

1)  How long will it take to complete the building programme?

It is hoped that the majority of the building work at Longbridge Campus will be completed by August 2018.

2) What new facilities/buildings will be created on each site?

There will be a new two storey building and sports hall facility built at our Longbridge Campus.

The existing main building at Longbridge Campus will be re-configured but retain its character.

3) Will 6th form be on both sites?

We are currently looking at the timetable implications of this so at the moment, we are unable to give a firm decision on this.

4) When will the building work start on each site?

Building work has already started at Sandringham which is relocating our library to the Red Gym.

Building work at Longbridge Campus is scheduled to start in November 2017.

5) Will the designs for each site be made available for parents to view?

Yes, once all the designs have been approved by planning and signed off, designs will be shared with everyone.

6) How will the school keep parents informed about the expansion over the coming months?

There will be a new Expansion section added to the school website where updates, schedule of works and designs can be viewed.

The Head will also be writing regularly to parents in the newsletter and by specific letters to inform every one of the latest developments.

Parents can email any questions or queries to the Head at:

7) How will the students be divided across 2 campuses from September 2019 onwards? 

The school will consult with parents over the next 18 months about how current students will be divided/split across the two campuses as numerous factors e.g. siblings will need to be considered.

8) Will I have any say in which campus my child is allocated?

The school is likely to give parents the option of stating which campus they would prefer their child to be based at but the school may not always be able to guarantee this.

9) If the school moves to a House System how would this change for my child?

The school is considering lots of different pastoral structures as it prepares for its new dual campus.  The House system is one model and would involve students from all year groups be allocated into a House.  Siblings would remain in the same House to make communication easier between home and school as parents would only need to liaise with their child/children’s Head of House rather than different Heads of Year as is the case now.  It may also help to create a family feel which the school is keen to retain as it expands.  Once the school has finalised its plans, we will, of course, communicate the details of any changes to all parents.

10) Which departments will be in the new building at Longbridge?

All subject departments will be taught on both campuses and will have similar facilities.

11) Will there be the same facilities on both campuses, or will certain subjects be only taught on one campus?

Yes, the school has ensured that there is equity across both campuses and facilities are being built so that all departments can deliver GCSE/A Level/BTEC subjects.

12) Will the school be employing additional teachers and support staff as a result of its expansion?

Yes, the school has a long-term plan for how many staff will be required in each department during each year of its expansion.


Following the successful application to the Planning Department, work has now started on the new classroom and dining area at Longbridge Road. Many of you will have seen the Contractors, Neilcott Construction Limited, moving onto the site and starting work. The building should be completed by the end of the summer, with new Science, Art and Technology facilities.

These pictures give a flavour of what the new building will look like. It will be stylish and modern, but will blend in very well with the existing school.

New Building Example images News Copy

We are all very excited that the building will improve our facilities and will improve the education for our students.