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Enterprise Day

Year 9 Business students took part in an Enterprise Day where they formed teams and competed for the Dragons Investment of £50,000 in exchange for a 25% share in their company.  The Dragons were successful entrepreneurs who could make the Business start-up successful with their industry and market knowledge, reputations and most importantly their contacts in the business world. Students had to come up with an innovative business idea that would capture the Dragons imaginations and would allow them to see the financial gains they could make from their investment.  Ideas included:

  • Eazy Pen – the pen with voice recognition, changeable tips and SPAG corrector
  • 4G REBOLT -  the shoes with built in Wi-Fi
  • YCM - a new brand of clothing
  • CG - the reflective and Reversible tracksuit
  • MY-BOT - a robot that could help people with everyday chores

 CG won the day and secured the investment.

Business Dragons Den Day 17 web Copy