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Speak Out Challenge

On Friday 17th March Barking Abbey School held its 2017 Speak Out Challenge final assembly. 60 gifted and talented students in year 10 took part in a 2 day public speaking workshop. From this day 8 participants were selected to present their speeches to the rest of the year group. All participants performed extremely well. The art of speaking in front of such a large audience can be very daunting, yet all the participants performed with ease and confidence. Once the judge's results were calculated the results read as followed:

1st Finalist Harry
2nd finalist Aleyna
1st reserve Maryanne
2nd reserve Layla

Finalist will perform at the borough competition on 2nd May 2017 at Robert Clack School. Tickets may be purchased from Miss Agathangelou.

Speak out Challenge 17 web Copy