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Mr R Tomlinson Head of Department
Ms F Hassan 2nd i/c with responsibility for KS3
Ms A Duhig

Department Overview

We live in a troubled world where the position of religion is seen by some as a positive influence in the world and by others as irrelevant. Students of all faith backgrounds and none are encouraged to explore the role of religion in the world and their own lives. The curriculum is designed to be accessible to all.
Although the RE Department is small it is well thought of by both staff and students alike. RE is a compulsory subject at KS3 and then becomes an option for those students who wish to pursue it. There is also an element of RE incorporated into the Citizenship programme at Key Stage 4. It is also a popular subject amongst A Level students.

At GCSE the performance of students has been consistently outstanding in terms of individual student performances and national standards. In recent years the percentage of A/A* passes in the subject has been double or better than the national average.
2012 70% of students achieved A/A*
2013 49% of students achieved A/A*
2014 61% of students achieved A/A*
The department is staffed by three RE specialists two of whom have been involved in the writing of GCSE text books for OCR.

Curriculum Content

Key Stage 5

Years 12 and 13
We currently follow the AQA Syllabus in Religious Studies. There are four component parts:
a) AS Level 
i. Unit 1 – Religion and Ethics
ii. Unit 2 – Religion, Philosophy and Science
b) A2 Level 
i. Unit 3 – Aspects of Modern Islam
ii. Unit 4 – Religious Experiences