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The Barking Abbey Netball Performance Academy

Regional Academies provide the ‘daily training environments’ needed for athletes aged U19. There are 9 Regional Academies in total, spread across the country and each operating year round delivering individualised training for athletes.

Regional Academies deliver between 6–10 hours per week of coaching, forming about half of an athlete’s overall programme which should consist of between 17-19 hours per week. Students attending the Barking Abbey Netball Performance Academy receive those additional hours and more through that structure.

There will be up to 20 athletes in each of the Regional Performance Academies, some of whom will also be U19/U17 England Squad Athletes who will also attend the National Academy.

In 2014 the relationship between England Netball and Barking Abbey developed even further with the formation of a new regional academy at Barking Abbey.

Training sessions for the regional academy run concurrently across the year inclusive of Technical & Tactical training, Specific Positional Clinics, Strength & Conditioning sessions and Performance Analysis Provision.

Specialist Training Camps are initiated throughout the programme, a variety of guest sessions will also be implemented, delivered by experienced coaches focussing on specific areas of improvement.

England Netball Regional Academy


Performance Pathway Lead Coach – Danielle Titmuss

At Barking Abbey Dannii leads the Regional Academy programme and also co-coaches the Barking Abbey Netball Performance Academy

Dannii is passionate about performance sport and the development of performance athletes as a coach she believes in providing inclusive and supportive environments that are both challenging and engaging.

Prior to joining Barking Abbey she moved to Australia to further develop her understanding of the game and coaching spent 2 years coaching Sydney University in the NSW State league and the City of Sydney U15 State Representative team. Whilst in Australia she also had the opportunity to join the U21 England team on tour in preparation for the World Youth Championships.

Previously in the UK Dannii was the England Netball Regional Excel Coach (East), Mavericks Youth Assistant Coach, and Head of Netball at Brunel University. Dannii began her coaching career at Turnford Netball Club where she currently coaches the National Premier League and East Regional League Squads.


Regional Academy Training Sessions; @ Barking Abbey Leisure Centre

Monday Mornings/ Friday Mornings 7.00am-8.30am

Monday Evenings 5.00pm-7.00pm


England Netball Regional Academy Squad 2014-15

Olivia Eastwood Gray

Sophia Sefton

Eniola Shittu

Halimat Adio

Johanne Lineham

Clarissa Shulungu

Jodie Farnam

Tiya Scott Preston

Hanae Sbai

Emma Thorogood

Indya Akinrinlola