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Ms L Pudney Head of Department
Ms L Hackin
Ms N Ibrahim
Ms F Bhatti

Department Overview

Sociology is for students who are interested in how society is organised and our place within it. If you like asking critical questions about how the world works and are interested in issues relating to class, gender, ethnicity, inequality, power and different views of human social behaviour, then this subject is for you. Our students enjoy Sociology because it relates to their own lives!
Additionally, our students tell us they really like the active teaching methods (such as group work) and also enjoy the educational trips that are able to enrich learning such as visiting the Old Bailey, the Church of Scientology or the theatre to see a topical play.

Sociology is an increasingly popular choice for students here at Barking Abbey and we achieve successful results year on year; in 2014: 82% of GCSE students achieved an A*-C grade in Sociology (36% A*/A) and 80% of students achieved a grade A*-C in A-Level Sociology.

What will you study?

GCSE (OCR exam board)

Year 9

  • Sociology Basics and Gender Identities
  • Research Methods

Year 10

  • Sociology of Youth
  • Sociology of Crime and Deviance

Year 11

  • Sociology of the Family
  • Pre-release paper (Research Methods)

Career Options

Sociology is a good general subject. It can be combined with sciences or with arts subjects. Sociology is particularly useful to those considering a career in business, teaching, law, the media, social research or social planning, but is increasingly sought after by employers and universities of all kinds who value the skills learned and utilised within Sociology. These skills include: Critical Thinking, Evaluation, Debating, Analysing, Research etc.

For more information on ‘Career Options for Sociology Graduates’, please click here.


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