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A Level Results 2016

Key stage 5 (16 to 19) results for 2016

  • The progress students have made in GCSE resit English and Maths (-0.33 based on 6 resit entries in English and 0.23 based on 26 resit entries in maths)
  • The progress students have made compared with students across England is 0.03.  This shows how much progress students make between the end of KS4 and the end of 16 to 18 study. The score is shown as a number of A level grade(s) above or below the national average level of progress for students of similar prior ability.
  • The average grade that students achieve is a grade C (A Level) and a B- (if all sixth form qualifications are included).  Nationally, the average grade is a C+.
  •  Student ‘retention’ (the percentage of students who get to the end of their study programme) is 96.2 %.
  • Student ‘destinations’ (the percentage of students who continue in education or training, or move on to employment at the end of 16 to 19 study) is 99.6 %.  Nationally, it is 98%.