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A Level Maths Course Information

A Level from September 2016 Only

A New Specification for A Linear Course Will Start From 2017


Prerequisites :

GCSE Grade A*/A or high B at teacher discretion

Good Subject Combinations:

Physics, Geography, Biology, Sociology, Chemistry and Psychology

Possible Career Pathways:

Accounting, Finance, Teaching, Statistical work, Engineering, Computing, Management


  • The A Level Maths course consists of six Modules of equal value examined by six papers of length 1.5 hours- It is intended that you will have studied for 3 Module exams by the end of Year 12.

  • Four of these Modules are Pure Maths which everyone studies – these are known as C1 C2 C3 C4.

  • Pure Maths consists of topics involving algebra, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry and some numerical work.

  • The other two Modules are either two Mechanical Modules OR two Statistics Modules, M1 M2 or S1 S2.

  • Mechanics is closely related to Physics and includes topics involving force, mass, weight, velocity, acceleration, power, gravity, work, moments, momentum, energy etc.

  • If you intend studying Physics the Pure Maths and Mechanics course is a good option as there is an overlap of content.

  • Statistics is a continuation and development of some of the work that you did at GCSE – topics include mean, median, mode, range, quartiles, histograms, cumulative frequency, interquartile range, standard deviation, variance, sampling, probability, correlation etc.

  • The techniques used in the Statistics Modules are useful if you intend studying Biology, Sociology, Psychology, and Geography.

  • You will have 1 hour of maths teaching time per day and 5 hours in the week.

“The gap between GCSE and ‘A’ Level Mathematics is larger than I first expected. However, this subject is worth considering - especially the Mechanics part of the course.  It is not an easy subject but with hard work and concentration it can be tackled successfully. An added bonus is that the subject is actually being ‘taught’ to the pupil instead of ‘lectured’ to, which would be the case at college.”


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