Main School



Mr K Sexton Head of Department
Ms S Djouadi 2nd in charge of Department
Miss C Protopapa
Mr J Prendergast

Department Overview

  • We want our students to develop a passion for learning foreign languages and a sympathetic approach to other cultures in order to become empowered and successful global citizens of the 21st century.
  • English is not enough! Only 6% of the world's population speak English. 94% don't! Young people can expect to work in multinational companies while 60% of all UK trade is with non-English speaking countries. So someone with a language qualification has between 8% and 20% more earning power.

Curriculum Content

Key Stage 3 French (Years 7 – 8)
Students are taught skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing using topics such as shopping, going out, media, holidays, and personal health.

Key Stage 4 French (EDEXCEL GCSE).
The four skills taught in Key Stage 3 are consolidated and developed with the focus on topics such as leisure; work and education; travel and tourism; healthy lifestyle; and the environment.